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  • GC Battery - 3-1. 3-1. - GC Battery : Golf Car Battery
    1.High discharge rate
    2. Low self-discharge rate
    3.Deep cycle
    4.Super cycling ability
    5.Excellent high current performance
    6.Safe and reliability
    7.No memory effect
    8.Variety of installation
    9.High temperature resistance
    10. Vibration resistance
    11.Wide operating temperature range
  • Golf Cart Battery - 3-2. 3-2. - Golf Cart Battery : Golf Car Battery
    - The battery consists of high-performance paste plate, Compound low resistance separators, high-impact resistant polypropylene plastic tank. Positive plates of lead-based alloy with multiple, high-density lead paste processing, manufacturing, corrosion resistance, high-rate discharge capacity, good durability.
    - Negative plates with a special formulation and double Paste process, excellent low temperature discharge, charge acceptance ability, anti-sulfate and anti-off performance.
    - Tight assembly, through partition connectors, discharge stable, safe and reliable.
  • Best Golf Cart Batteries - 3-3. 3-3. - Best Golf Cart Batteries : Golf Car Battery
    Using tight assembly technology with excellent high efficiency discharge performance.
    With special design, the battery will not reduce the amount of electricity fluid during use, even no necessary to add any water during using life time.
    Long service life.
    All with high purity raw materials,  low self-discharge.
    Using gas compounds technology, the battery has a high sealing reaction efficiency, safety and environmental protection, pollution-free.
    Sealed construction, safety and reliability.
  • Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery - 3-4. 3-4. - Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery : Golf Car Battery
    - Large capacity and high specific energy: they adopt high-purity raw materials and national patent technology, and feature superior performance of large current discharge as well as large capacity.
    - Superior Low-temperature Performance: they possess superlative low-temperature charge and discharge acceptance, avoiding sharp decline of mileages of continuation for the battery in winter.
    - Better consistency: a new generation of patented formula and state-of-the-art special processing technique guarantee the stable consistency of multiple compartments of battery in serial operation.
    - Evironmentally friendly: they have reliable and sealed structure design and are free from leaking and acid mist diffusion. They can be placed and used in any directions reliably and safely.
    - Typical Applications
    Scooters, electronic bikes, electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles,electric rickshaw
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Golf Car Battery

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