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  • Battery Booster - 7-1. Evo all-3
    7-1. Evo all-3 - Battery Booster : Jump Start Battery

    *:Charging is only accomplished through cigarette lighters between car and HG1210R by the special cable provided
    1. HG1210R is made of eco-friendly material,it contains no lead and sulfuric acid.HG1210R can be placed in any position,and location in the car without fear of fire,explosion and toxicant substances
    2. In normal use,connect the cigrette lighter socket on HG1210R to the cigarette lighter socket in the car
    3. As soon as the engine is running,the HG1210R is under charging status,and stop charging when the battery is full.In the meatime,HG1210R provides higher voltage to make stronger sparks,as the result,achieve a fuel saving,reduce carbon emission and increase power too.
    4. In case the battery power is too low to crank the engine,open the engine hood and connect HG1210R to battery termianals by jump cables,and the engine to ready to start.
    5. HG1210R can be used as backup power i.e. camping,fishing or household emergency power bank
    6. Optional adaptors maybe available for USB charge,LED lighting,emergency flashing,notebook computer,cell phone or radio...
    7. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Jump Start Car Battery - 7-2.
    7-2. - Jump Start Car Battery : Jump Start Battery
    multifunction mini auto jump start battery, Powerful capability for jump Start 12V vehicle
    Multifunction mini auto jump start battery
    When your 12V vehicle can’t be started because of battery empty or low temperature,
    Electronic Scorpion can help you jump start the vehicle immediately.

    Indicator Light
    1. Green color means battery is full enough.
    2. Orange color means battery is half capacity.
    3. Red color means battery is low, should be charging in time.
  • Battery Jumpstart - 7-3.
    7-3. - Battery Jumpstart : Jump Start Battery
    - Safe and environmental friendly.
    - User safety always our first priority. Batteries are environmental friendly during the whole life time.
    - Humanity product design.
    - Considering for user s convenience with good looking appearance.
    - Strong technology and developing power.
    - Strict Quality control.
    - Our professional management team working for zero inferior and ensures the reliability of battery.
    - Perfect customer service system.
    - We highly regarding all feedback from customer, our customer service department will support you in shortest time and provide you a satisfactory.
Our secret of success has been our management's policy of adhering to business ethics in its dealing with customers. We assure you of on-time delivery of finest

Jump Start Battery

backed by prompted and careful after-sales service.


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