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  • Lifepo4 Car Starter Battery - 2-1. HG24100-XC 2-1. HG24100-XC - Lifepo4 Car Starter Battery : Lithium Car Battery

    HG24100-XC is a customer made Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery.It applies for medium sized EV,low speed (<40km/h.)but high torque piackup cargo.
    By connecting 4 packs in series,output voltage is 96V.In case a longer operation range is required,2 or more battery set can be connected in parellel to increase the capacity.
    Steel case construction to protect the cells and control board
  • Lithium Vehicle Battery - 2-2. HG4850 2-2. HG4850 - Lithium Vehicle Battery : Lithium Car Battery

    HG4850 is designed for golf cars, forklifts and trams as well as for E-jeepney or E-trike. By using multiple serial or parallel connection, unlimited voltage and capacity can be made for applications such as EV, renewable power storage, power bank etc.
    In case of using 2 packs in parallel, It becomes a dual-channel power supply. One pack is still able to work if another is out of service during operation.
    *A CAN bus interface must be provided if the batteries are more than 2 packs in serial connection.
  • Lithium Auto Battery - 2-3. HG2407FTU 2-3. HG2407FTU - Lithium Auto Battery : Lithium Car Battery

    1. FTU power pack is specially designed for "Smart Power Grid System" purpose.
    2. FTU needs no regular maintenance,and it can be located any position,working under temperature up  to 70 deg.C
    3. Each pack is eqquipped with BMS to protect from over charging/Discharging.
    4. Pack and cells contain no toxic substances,totally comply with RoHS compliance.
    5. Optional remote data retrieval is available
  • Lithium Automotive Battery - 2-4. 2-4. - Lithium Automotive Battery : Lithium Car Battery
    The evolution of jump start battery!
    To save car from a dead battery is not a main purpose!
    Simple to use! Designed with fool-proof. Use it by intuition. Just plug it to cigaratte lighter sockets!
    It is a power booster!
    It stabilize and regulate power voltage!
    Stronger sparks, increase fuel efficiency!
    longer mileage, up to 8% fuel saving!
    More beautiful of sound from car audio system!
    It always keep in fully charged, ready for use anytime!
    1. Jump starting cables. 35cmlong.
    2. Car charging and connecting cable
    3. Durable carrying bag.
    4. USBcharging adaptor (optional)
    5. High bright LED flashlight (optional).

    BOOSTER evo can be carried by hand or shoulder strap. It is good for patrol, camping, fishing, electric reel machine, mobile Karaoke, night market, lighting, warning and emergency household power pack.
    Versatility, Safety, Clean, Light weight, Powerful.
    “You can’t drive without BOOSTER evo”
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Lithium Car Battery

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