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  • Marine Starting Battery - 6-1. 6-1. : Marine Starting Battery
    Product Feature:
    Advanced calcium lead alloy technology, maintenance-free design
    Application of advanced PE type separator
    Flooded electrolyte battery
    Application of TTP technology
    Reliable labyrinth-like seal design
    High CCA and good starting performance
    Good High-temperature performance
    Good charging acceptance and vibration resistant performance
    Advanced sulfate-resistant technology
    High Capacity
    Low self-discharge and super long shelf life
    Long endurance life
    More than 5000 times of charge-discharge & starting
    Product Application:
     Starting, light and ignition for car, Tractor, Mine vehicle and Mobile machinery shop
    Starting and ignition for the diesel motor or gasoline motor
    It can be used as power for car, Tractor, Mine vehicle and Mobile machinery shop.
  • Battery Starter - 6-2. 6-2. - Battery Starter : Starting Battery
    -Sealed and maintenance free operation
    -Non-Spillable construction design.
    -ABS Containers and Covers (UL94HB), UL94V-0 optional.
    -Safety valve installation for explosion proof.
    -High quality and high reliability.
    - Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance.
    - Low self discharge characteristic.
    -Flexibility design for multiple install positions
  • Car Battery Starter - 6-3. 6-3. - Car Battery Starter : Starting Battery
    Specifications and Advantages:
    1.Application to Car/truck starting.
    2.Matrial of plates: Lead+Calcium composite
    3. Advanced center lug technology and cast on Strap to ensure against vibration and long life.
    4.Wrought expanded pb-ca-sn grid to reduce self-discharge and water loss.
    5. Integrated grid design for low-resistance and strong adhesion at active materials.
  • Lithium Car Starter Battery - 6-4. 6-4. - Lithium Car Starter Battery : Starting Battery
    1.Completely sealed and maintenance-free, low self-discharge
    2.100% precise quality testing, stable quality and high reliable performance
    3. Unique grid alloy formula and updated manufacturing technique
    4. Floating & standby use:up to 3 years
    5. Cycle use 1: More than 350 cycles at 100% DOD
    1. Telecommunications
    2. UPS/EPS
    3. DC Power Supply
    4. Solar system
    5. Wind Power System
    6. Auto Control System
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