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  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery - 4-1.
    4-1. - Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery : UPS Battery
    Solar Power systems.
    Communication systems.
    Control systems.
    Electric power charger systems.
    Emergency systems.
    Medical equipments.
    Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
    1. Excellent power performance, low self-discharging rate.
    2. Owned battery plate production base.
    3. Good price.
    4. Good delivery time.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries - 4-2.
    4-2. - Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries : UPS Battery
    Features :
    -Maintenance-Free ,Absorbent Glass Mat Technology
    -Low Self Discharge
    -Long Designed service Life ,Deep Cycles
    -Excellent Discharge Performance
    -Environment Friendliness
    -Wide suitability of ambient temperature range

    Applications :
    -Solar and wind energy storage system
    -EPS and UPS battery backup
    -Signal system , emergency lighting system , security system
    -Telecommunication Equipment
    -Power source for portable devices or tools
  • Ups Battery Replacement - 4-3
    4-3 - Ups Battery Replacement : UPS Battery
    - If depth of discharge is 30%, cycle service lifecan reach maximum at about 1000 times.  
    - Battery case is making of fire proofs material therefore the case is very strong. It can avoid the fire.
    - Its using insert terminal.  
    - Maintenance free.
    - High power -to-weight ratio .
    - No Memory Effect.
    - Low self discharge
    - Longer service life.
    - High discharge rate.
    - Wide operation temperature range
  • Replace Ups Battery - 4-4.
    4-4. - Replace Ups Battery : UPS Battery
    1.Emergency power supply, LED light & flashlight:
    2.headlamp, emergency light, solar flashlight, searchlight, lantern, bicycle light,
    bright flashlight, high-end lamp, military flashlight and so on.
    3.Home appliance products:
    electric vacuum cleaner, electric sweeper, water meter, gas meter,
    electric children toys, electric warm shoes, electric blanket.
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UPS Battery

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